United in love with God and each other


Bringing relationships into spiritual enlightenment through the Marriage Blessing, to create a culture that expresses the true love of God.


To learn more, click on the link below to read about the amazing lives of our founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, and the battles they fought to introduce the teaching of Divine Principle to America and the world. The Divine Principle is an unparalleled new worldview, offering a strikingly clear perspective of Divine Providence, which brings a depth of understanding to the Bible that is as refreshing as it is groundbreaking. The Principle especially sheds new light on the marvels of God’s Creation, explaining how and why He created; clarifies the story of the Fall of Man that broke His Heart, exposing what actually occurred in the Garden; and reveals God’s lonely struggle throughout the History of Restoration to restore His lost relationship with His beloved children, namely us. Our talented team of writers, illustrators, designers, editors and photographers have done wonders to make the Divine Principle applicable to our everyday lives.

Let us not be satisfied with today, instead let us pioneer a new history.
— Rev. Sun Myung Moon