Live Broadcast "World Summit Africa 2018"

Watch Africa Summit 2018 Live!

January 18 & 20 from Dakar, Senegal


Live Broadcast Schedule

1. Opening Plenary:

THURSDAY, JANUARY 18@2:00AM  LOS ANGELES TIME (Night between Wednesday and Thursday)

2. Little Angels Performance:


3. True Parents' Victory Celebration:

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20@1:00AM  LOS ANGELES TIME (Night between Friday and Saturday)

Watch live broadcast of the World Summit Africa 2018 in Dakar, Senegal! After True Mother made a surprise visit at New York on Monday January 15, she left for Senegal arriving today, January 16! The series of events from January 18 to 20 will be broadcast live at the above time. (Dakar time is 8 hours ahead of Los Angeles time.) Please forward to brothers and sisters in your communities, and please encourage those who watch the event, to send their reflections to Inguk Seo at, so they can be shared with True Mother.

Thank you.