Report of the 10th Annual Seonghwa Memorial Festival

A Beautiful Tradition

at Los Angeles Family Church, November 3, 2018

The Seonghwwa Ministry at the Los Angeles Family Church hosted the 10th Annual Seonghwa Memorial Festival on the evening of Saturday, November 3 at the Pasadena House.
A beautiful table with flowers and offerings were prepared by the Oiwa family and Mrs. Shigeko Lograsso. Keith McCarthy, the emcee, opened the program. After singing a holy song, emcee explained the significance of Seonghwa. Rev. Young Tack Yang, District Pastor, gave a message about the Seonghwa and our earthly life. He told about True Parents' words about the Seonghwa. He also shared testimonies of his mother, Mrs. Bo He Lee, who ascended this year. She told her five children a very important message when she was still communicable. "What I have been telling you in everyday life is my will. Keep them in your heart." It gave us a lesson that how we raise our children naturally to become a man or a woman of Godly character.

After the Seonghwa message, the local musicians - Rebecca Zinke sang "Where Peace Begins" with John Holmes as a keyboard player. Then each person lined up in front of the altar to offer a carnation to honor the lives of the loved ones. After three cheers of Eog-Mansei led by Nong Nilpradab, a local Council member, everyone was invited to enjoy fellowship over dinner.

Los Angeles Family Church Seonghwa Ministry holds the annual memorial festival following All Saints' Day. This year marked the 10th anniversary. It was just like yesterday that Mr. Kenny Oiwa and his family voluntarily started to hold this ceremony with Steve Pierce in 2008 at this very place in Pasadena House. Later Mr. Tom Akuzawa joined and became a core volunteer with Oiwa family. A special thanks to Rev. Young Tack Yang, Pastor George Kazakos for their full pastoral support, Keith McCarthy for helping in putting the whole program together every year as a media maker and an emcee.

Thank you.

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