Family Federation for Heavenly USA

Restructuring and Personnel Appointments of FFWPU-USA

New Five Sub-Regions


On December 21, 2017, True Mother held a special gathering where she strongly requested that the providential eldest son nation of the United States should not limit itself to believing in Heavenly Parent but should substantially attend Heavenly Parent and become the Heavenly United States (神美國).
Following the decree, True Parents also restructured FFWPU-USA into a region (continent) called Family Federation for a Heavenly United States; this region is composed of five sub- regions and True Parents appointed each sub-regional director.

New 5 Sub-regions

1. New York, New Jersey, New England: Director, Demian Dunkley
2. Washington DC, Atlanta: Director, Ernesto Patton
3. Columbus, Chicago, Minneapolis: Director, David Rendell
4. Dallas, Las Vegas: Director, John Jackson
5. Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hawaii: Director, Larry Krishnek

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