Winners of Yut and Ping Pong Tournament

51t Heavenly Parent's Day Service & Celebration Held on February 18

Yut Championship & Ping Pong Tournament Winners!

Happy Holy Days! Since the first day of the Heavenly Calendar (same as lunar calendar), we entered the festive Holy Days Season - Feb. 16 (1.1): 51st Heavenly Parent's Day, Feb. 21 (1.6): True Parents' Birthday, Feb. 28 (1.13) 5th Anniversary of Foundation Day.

All Holy Days were honored and celebrated with the Los Angeles Family Church community on Sunday, February 18. Each family and individual member had opportunity to offer a full bow at the beautifully prepared offering table from 9:00 am. Rev. Young Tack Yang, District Pastor, lead the Service as an emcee and also a preacher of the day. He talked about the significance of True Parents' birth. The floor level pews and balcony seats were all packed with members and many were at the side extra chairs and even standing.

Part 2 of the Service was the entertainment which were presented by several groups of singers. This time "International celebration" was the theme. CARP youth offered Korean and Japanese songs with dance, followed by Spanish group singers and French group singers. Last performers were our own band musicians and a young Blessed couple, Eric and Laura Ross.

After the three cheers of Eog-Mansei, everyone was invited to the celebration luncheon in the courtyard where 7 mothers packed 450 Korean meal lunch boxes! Besides the delicious lunch in a box - Bourggogi, Chapchae, Kimchi and rice, Mrs. Jung Ju Yang made Tteokguk, the traditional Korean new year rice cake soup which warmed the heart of everyone. By the way. Pastor George Kazakos cooked 200 lbs. of Korean Bourggogi from the midnight.

While young children and their parents were busy staying at the 7-foot inflatable obstacle course and slide, other members went fierce battles of Yut and Ping Pong tournament. $300 team prize for the Yut winner, three cash prizes ($50 for the 1st, $30 for the 2nd and $20 for the 3rd place winner) for each Men's and Women's Ping Pong Tournament. Here are the winners!

YUT Championship Winner: Mr. Yu's Team (vs. Rev. Yang's team)

Men's Ping Pong Tournament Winners: 1st: Akio Muranaka, 2nd: Yoshihito Takagi, 3rd: Sooyoung Kawasaki

Women's Ping Pong Tournament Winners: 1st: Hanna Tachiiri, 2nd: Caren Kawa, 3rd: Rie Kuraoka

Special thanks to the judges at Ping Pong Tournament: Takafumi Sasaki, Mitsuhide Abe and Masa Abe!

Congratulations to all!!

Thank you.



LA Family Church