Cheong Pyeong USA Tour Update

Wish Papers Available at IPEC

Cheongpyeong comes to IPEC, Las Vegas October 27-28!


Venue: IPEC (Int’l Peace Education Center)

Address: 6590 Bermuda Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119


Saturday, 10/27

10:00 AM - Registration begins

(You can register at any time between 10am and 1pm, have lunch and return to attend the program.)

1:00 PM - Program begins (bring FM radio)

3:40 PM - Chan Yang Session (top should be white shirt with sleeves, no graphics)

6:00 PM - Program ends

Sunday, 10/28

8:00 AM - Doors open

9:00 AM - Program begins

9:10 AM - Ancestor Liberation & Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshop

11:30 AM - Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune (Wish Papers)

(Lunch boxes will be available at IPEC on Sunday.)

3:20 PM - Ancestor Blessing Ceremony & Spirit World and Physical World Blessing Ceremony

5:00 PM - Bequeathing of Candle for Seonghwa 2Gen & Spirit World and Physical World Workshop to Start Family

6:20 PM - Program ends

What to prepare:

White T-shirt

FM Radio

Cash of check for Wish Paper donations (optional)

Holy Robe and Blessing Ring (if you attend Ancestor Blessing Ceremony)

Q & A:

Q: Do I need to be 18 or older to attend?

A: No. All ages are welcome. Only if you are applying for your Ancestor Liberation/Blessing, or representing your family member in Ancestor Liberation/Blessing, you need to be 18 or older.

Q: I plan to attend by myself. I’m applying for my Ancestor Liberation and Blessing, and also for my husband’s Ancestor Liberation and Blessing. He can’t come. I represent him by my attending there. Do I need to pay registration fee for my absent husband, too?

A: No. Registration fee is required only to the physically attending person who is 18 and older. If you attend and also represent your spouse in Ancestor Liberation/Blessing, just pay registration fee for yourself and apply for your and your spouse’s Ancestor Liberation/Blessing in separate forms to your local church by October 17. In USA Tour, Cheongpyeong does not charge any workshop fees for Ancestor Liberation/Blessing and other liberations. Just offer Liberation/Blessing donations.

Q: How can I get a Wish Paper?

A: Wish Papers will only be available at IPEC all day Saturday and Sunday up until the Wish Paper ceremony. There will be a table set up for that purpose. There are three types: Gold-$100, Silver- $50, Bronze-$30. It is recommended to write down your wish in advance and then copy them to the Wish Papers at IPEC. Donations for Wish Paper will be accepted on site. Bring cash or check [checks payable to HSA-UWC, memo “Cheongpyeong”].

Q: What is Wish Paper?

A: HyoJeong Wish Fulfillment Papers (or Wish Papers) are special wish cards that have been given to members on the foundation of True Parents’ victory. To read more explanation, click here.

Q: Is there lodging at IPEC, or any hotels for this event?

A: No. IPEC does not take reservation for this event. Participants are responsible for own transportation, lodging and meals. Lunch boxes may be available on Sunday.

Q: What should I prepare?

A: White T-shirt, FM Radio (if you do not speak Korean), Holy Robe and Blessing Ring if you attend Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, some cash for food for purchase.

Q: I am a single 1st gen member. Can I attend?

A: Yes, you can. If you are a single member or a married couple who have not attended the Marriage Blessing Ceremony by the True Parents yet, you can attend with a condition that you drank Holy Wine before the event given by your local church pastor. After that, you can register to attend the event and may apply for Ancestor liberation/blessing. Any age can attend the event, but you must be 18 years old to apply for Ancestor liberation/blessing.

Q: Can I represent my spouse for Ancestor Liberation/Blessing?

A: Yes, you can. Spouse or a Blessed children of age 18 and up can represent.

Q: Is there Blessing Ceremony for the Unmarried 1st gen Spirits?

A: No. The next Blessing for the Unmarried 1st gen spirits will be next year 2019. (They should be liberated at least 100 days prior to the Blessing.) Please wait for the announcement. You may occasionally check Cheongpyeong web site.

How to Attend:

STEP 1: Register online

Please go to:

STEP 2: Check your Ancestor Liberation/Blessing Record

How to check: (1) If you already have your account with Cheongpyeong website, login and click tab "Liberation Record". If you don't have an account yet, it is free to join at:  (2) Contact Cheongpyeong International Office by email at In the message, include your country, full name of husband and wife, Blessing group, other family members doing the Ancestor Liberation with you, and the specifics of your request. Always keep a copy of your Ancestor Liberation Registration Form for your own records. 

STEP 3: Download & fill out the form (Deadline to submit: October 17)

Click to download a form:

Ancestor Liberation & Blessing form

Collateral Liberation form

Back Payment form

Seonghwa BC Inheritance of Candle form

Spirit World & Physical World Matching form

Spirit World & Physical World Blessing form

Spirit World & Physical World Start Family form

STEP 4: Offer 21-day Devotion (important)

Required internal condition for Ancestor Liberation is to offer 21 days of 50 full bows. In the case that bowing is not possible, offer 21 days of breakfast fasting.

STEP 5: Self Study by Watching Manga Videos

Cheongpyeong web site has a lot of helpful information. Here are some recommended educational videos which help us to understand about Cheongpyeong’s works. Watch videos below.

STEP 6: Prepare for your trip and participation

Plan your trip: Venue is IPEC at 6590 Bermuda Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89119. 2-day schedule from 10am to 6pm on Saturday, Sunday from 8am. Participants are responsible for own transportation, meals and lodging. You may check, AirBnB, etc. IPEC is not accepting lodging reservation for the event. If you want to post your ad to offer ride or share ride by your vehicle, share your reserved hotel/motel rooms, email to: with your full name, message and contact information.

What to prepare: White T-shirt, FM Radio (if you do not speak Korean), Holy Robe and Blessing Ring if you attend Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, Cash of check for Wish Paper dontion.

Video about Ancestor Liberation (19 min.)

Video about Ancestor Blessing Ceremony (19 min.)

Video about Wish Paper

Ancestor Blessing is an opportunity that True Parents established to share the Marriage Blessing with our family members and ancestors who were not able to receive it during their lifetime. This year, we will have the unique opportunity to participate in a USA Ancestor Blessing Tour has begun in New York (July 28-29), Washington D.C. (Aug. 4-5). Next stop: Las Vegas! (Oct. 27-28), and Chicago (Nov. 3-4). Not only Ancestor Blessing, you can also apply for Ancestor Liberation, Hyo Jeong Wish Fulfillment Paper, Blessing between Spiritual & Physical, Inheriting Candle for Ascended Blessed Children.

To find details at the each location, to register, find forms, FAQ, click here.

Thank you.

LA Family Church