Il Shim 2019

Il Shim 2019

For 9th & 10th grade students


Dear Parents of 9th & 10th grade students,

Our team is pleased to offer Il Shim once again for high school students who are in 9th and 10th grade (High School Freshmen and Sophomores) and to anyone older who did not do it yet, or would like to do it again.

The purpose of Il Shim is to help teenagers and young adults grow their life of faith giving them tools to help them create a unique relationship with God.  We will cover our Traditions by providing resources to help them understand the value and significance of aspects of our faith such as True Parents, abstinence before marriage, the Blessing, and living for the sake of others.  Developing their relationship with their parents will be emphasized by encouraging opportunities to develop a healthy relationship through open communication and deepening trust.

Parent and child meeting and registration: Sunday, January 27 (after Sunday Service)


Individual Conditions:

Reading (hoon dok hae) with parents from February 17 to March 29

7 day 7-minute prayer condition

24-hour fast

Family Service


Group Conditions:

Two workshops: February 15,16,17 and March 29,30,31

Fundraising and Outreach during the workshop

21-minute prayer condition

Community Service

Church Service

Graduation ceremony

Parent and child meeting March 11 (after Sunday Service)

The fee for this program is $120.00

This includes:

Il Shim purity ring

Il Shim t-shirt

2 workshops and graduation ceremony

all materials

For comments or questions please send to


Thank you.

LA Family Church