UPF Dinner Meeting Held

UPF Dinner Meeting Held at Pasadena House

Report by Nasser Zomorod

On January 26th, 2019, another exciting meeting full of joy and educational speeches took place at Pasadena House (UPF Headquarters) from 6 pm to 10 pm. There was a total of 21 guests, including 6 first-time participants and repeat guests who came for the 2nd or 3rd time. KEA participated with 9 attendees, mostly Ambassadors for Peace. Besides we had 25 members in support and 5 second gen missionaries helped in the kitchen with the food preparation. We served a chicken BBQ, dinner at 6 pm and started at 7 pm with a prayer and Hoondokhe. Then I asked representatives of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahai and Scientology to speak for 5 minutes each, which was very educational and uplifting. One of the KEA Ambassadors gave us a report about their activities and honored UPF with a special plaque and a $ 100 donation. Following that 2nd gen Joshua Holmes representing CARP gave a very powerful speech and captured everyone's heart and mind. All of the new guests loved to talk to him and support his work in the colleges. One of the guests, Mr. Ben Hur Sepehr, who is a movie maker wants to invite him to his next movie as an actor. Mr. Sepehr created the story of "Pretty Woman" and another short movie "The Desperates" about the holocaust. You google it and watch it.

Pastor George Kazakos presented an explanation about the purpose of UPF, as an organization of religious and conscientious people to actively turn politics and government into a heavenly direction. Mr. Keith McCarthy showed a short video about UPF International as well as some pictures of local gatherings. He distributed 5 cards among the audience with the 5 UPF principles and asked the guests to comment about what each principle meant to them. This was an innovative way to interact with the guests and he added his own comments afterwards. We then took a little break with 2 songs, one in English and one in Korean.

Following former Sheriff of Los Angeles County, Mr. Lee Baca, gave a wonderful speech. We then introduced our new President of Family Federation for World Peace-USA, Rev. Demian Dunkley, who made very clear remarks about the state of our society, the purpose of our movement and True Mother's heart for America. Then Rev. Yang briefly shared about our local church activities and closed our meeting with a prayer. We then gathered for a group picture and everyone had the opportunity to informal talks and personal conversations. Everyone was so excited, full of hope and appreciation for the meeting and asked when we could meet again. It was really an uplifting meeting and experience, filled with Go's love, hope and unity. My wife and I really felt God guided this meeting and we are excited to follow up on the next level and finally bless these people, make them Ambassadors for Peace and work with them in the future.

Nasser Zomorod, UPF Director for Southern California

Thank you.

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