Unite, Pray, Love

Let Us Welcome True Parents to Los Angeles

Invitation to the National 40-day Prayer

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you all for your great support for True Parents’ Birthday. True Mother had great victory with the World Summit, the Sunhak Peace Prize and many other great events to commemorate True Parents’ Birthday and Foundation Day. We just returned from Korea, and have wonderful news. True Mother is coming back to America! This time, she will visit Los Angeles and will give her message at Bishop Noel Jones’ Church on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

True Mother is very excited about America. We don’t always remember when we are here, but every progress that America makes advances the worldwide Providence. If America rises, Korea, Japan and all the other nations rise with it. With every inch of victory that we bring, the entire movement benefits. True Mother is asking daily about the work of our Blessed Families in America and how we are doing. She’s excited to visit Los Angeles in April and has asked that we prepare 5,000 couples to be Blessed on that occasion.

True Mother also reminded us how lucky we are that America is a Christian nation, and she expects us to work with the foundation of Christianity to bring victory in America. This is indeed a great blessing. She often tells us that when we unite with her, we see miracles happen. And we have seen great miracles taking place in our work with Christian Ministers and churches.

From Monday, February 25, it will be 40 days until we welcome True Mother in Los Angeles on April 6, so we would like to invite everyone to join together in a special 40-day prayer condition to welcome True Parents. We also continue the weekly national prayer call every Wednesday. Let’s unite in one. Hear and pray for these following points:

  1. True Mother’s health and absolute victory as we march towards 2020.

  2. All American Blessed Central Families lay the foundation of victory through active Tribal Messiahship.

  3. Top Christian and political leaders in the USA recognize True Parents’ great work and honor our True Mother this year.

  4. Absolute victory of our 5,000 Couples’ Blessing with True Mother in Los Angeles on April 6, 2019. 

  5. That America fulfill its responsibility as the Elder Son Nation and serve the world.

Thank you again, dear brothers and sisters, for all that you do to love your families, to represent True Parents in your neighborhoods and places of work, and reach out to more people around the nation. Let us remember that every advancement we make as individuals, families, and communities adds up to our national offering. Let us make our best efforts and offer Heavenly Parent and True Parents a great victory with 5,000 newly Blessed couples and the most loving crowd in America on April 6.

God Bless you and your families,                               

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim                                                                      Rev. Demian Dunkley

Regional Chairman                                                                 President

You can see the prayer contents on the web site at: http://familyfed.org/news-story/unite-pray-love-54817/

Thank you.

LA Family Church