Camp Mozumdar Project

Join the Volunteer Team!

Every Saturday 10 am to 3pm

Thanks to Rev. Juan Morales for his dedication and constantly welcoming neighboring community in maintain and develop Camp Mozumdar, it is a warm holy ground for all who visit there. Our brother Michael Ginze is working there as a volunteer whenever he has time. There are still a lot of jobs need to be done. Mr. Ginze is leading a volunteer Project in Camp Mozumdar on every Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Join the team! 

Camp Mozumdar Weekly Project

       Remove paint from the brass door at the Temple of Christ

Other projects:      

        Assist repairing the road to the Temple of Christ

       Pick up trash around the camp

       Bring steel building material to the lodge area

       Clean around the Pillars of God.

Please contact Michael Ginze before you are going. Email:

Address of Camp Mozumdar: 868 Mozumdar Dr., Crestline, CA 92325

Thank you.