Letter from Rev. Yang

Letter from Rev. Yang

He’ll move to Atlanta, GA on June 29 morning

Photo from the Farewell Service on June 16, 2019 at Los Angeles Family Church

Photo from the Farewell Service on June 16, 2019 at Los Angeles Family Church

Dear Beloved LA Brothers and Sisters,


Before I move for Atlanta, GA, I’d like to leave a short thank you message to you all.  During my farewell Sunday service, I received a lot of thank you cards, and gifts. And also, even after coming back from the rally of Las Vegas, many brothers and sisters sent me beautiful thank you cards and gifts. How can I thank you enough!

I am supposed to convey my thankful heart to brothers and sisters who expressed their love and friendship one by one, but I am just leaving this short letter instead of sending my thank you card to you all.

I already shared my heart and thinking through the farewell Sunday service, but please understand it is not easy to express my heart and love into a verbal and written language. Thanks to your support and cooperation, I had a great experience here in LA. We created a lot of miracles together! I believe that this experience will be good fertilizer for my new ministry.

Now, I will take your love with me and I will plant it into my new mission area, District 5. I will pray for your everlasting success and happiness. You will be in my heart forever!

God bless you all! 

Thank you very much!!!


                    June, 29th, 2019

                         Leaving Los Angeles….

                                Rev. Young Tack Yang and his family    

Click here for the letter in pdf.

His wife came on June 26. They are planning to drive to Atlanta, GA on June 29 morning.

Thank you.

LA Family Church