Heavenly Tribal Messiahs on the go!

Blessing at a Flea Market

in Apple Valley

On a sunny weekend at Apply Valley Flea Market, our Heavenly Tribal Messiah couples teamed to pray and bless local people. Michael & Marianne Irwin, Osamu & Elsa Tsuchida, Derek & Mayumi Denaro made a team of the day. People gave positive responses to the ideas of prayer for their marriage and family, and be a part of One Million Americans Blessing.

There is an open meeting about HTM (Heavenly Tribal Messiah) meeting being held on Sundays after the Service in Room 103 (when the room is available). Updates, testimonies, exchanging ideas, Q & A. Please join us.

HTM Coordinators:

Michael & Marianne Irwin: globalhandpiece@gmail.com

Osamu & Elsa Tsuchida

P.S. Irwins, Thsuchidas, Denaros, Woolerys will be out at the Flea Market in Victorville this weekend.

If anyone would like to join us they are welcome to Bless couples (bring your own Holy Wine as we are low) just be there or whatever you like.

Also there are 2 other Flea Markets down there that run every week


is Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.


Is Wednesday and Saturday

Ours is Saturday and Sunday.


If you want some support, need to know about tents, banners, etc. don't hesitate to ask by email or text. Michael & Marianne Irwin: globalhandpiece@gmail.com, (510) 717-7731

Thank you.

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