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From Election Committee


On December 12, the Election Committee comprised of Sheri Rueter, Keith McCarthy and Carol Takhar with Rev. Young Tack Yang and Katrin McCarthy as observers tallied the votes for the 2018 new council members.  

New council members starting January 1st 2018;  names are by order of most votes: Jennifer Pierce, Curtis Martin, Kazue Short, Magda Ozono. 

Special thanks to Naoko Hiraki for her service to the council   for the past two terms. Also thank you to Michael Ginze for running.

Congratulations to all newly elected council members. Installment will take place in early January 2018.


Current council members who will serve until the end of 2018 are:

  • Don Makowski

  • Nong Pudtisan

  • Adam Gottlieb

Current council members term ending in December 2017 are: 

  • Kazue Short (can run again)

  • Jennifer Pierce (can run again)

  • Naoko Hiraki (cannot run again since she has been on the council for two consecutive terms)

  • Curtis Martin (can run again)

Election Committee — Keith McCarthy, Sheri Rueter, or Carol Takhar.

Local Council members:

Since January 2017

  • Don Makowski

  • Nong Pudtisan

  • Adam Gottlieb

Since January 2016

  • Kazue Short

  • Jennifer Pierce

  • Naoko Hiraki

  • Curtis Martin

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