Newly Appointed Council Members

Council Election Result

Thank you for voting

Here are the results of our recent Local Council (for L.A. Family Church) elections. Thanks for making the effort to vote.

Your new Council members for 2019 are:

Adeline Macfarlane , Michael Ginze and Felicia Jones-Locke.

These three will join those who continue serving:

Jennifer Pierce, Curtis Martin, Kazue Short and Magda Ozono.

We wish to thank the other capable candidates who recently ran. We also wish to express our gratitude to those who have served and are now leaving the Local Council:

Don Makowski, Nong Nilpradab and Adam Gottlieb.


Election committee members:

Keith McCarthy

Sheri Rueter

Carol Takhar


Local Council members (Serving term is 2 years):

Since January 2018

  • Jennifer Pierce

  • Curtis Martin

  • Kazue Short

  • Magda Ozono

Newly appointed since January 2019

  • Adeline Macfarlane

  • Michael Ginze

  • Felicia Jones-Locke


Thank you.

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