Hyo Jin Moon Memorial Concert held in L.A.

L.A. Family Church Held Memorial Concert

10th Memorial Anniversary of Hyo Jin Moon

Watch the tribute videos of introduction to Hyo Jin Moon's life and the song "The Last Prayer" wrote by Hyo Jin Moon, performed by Matt Ishizuka, L.A. Band's leader on the occasion of Hyo Jin Moon Memorial Concert on March 18 at L. A. Family Church. For more tribute performance videos (Eric & Michiyo Ross, Rebecca Zinke, Jenny Hughes, Mr. Kikuchi, Youngbok Gomez, Tsuchida siblings, Hiraki sisters, Mai Thurston, etc - about 10 videos) , go to Youtube website and type the following in search box: Los Angeles Family Church Production 2018-03-18 https://www.youtube.com/

For the article by familyfed.org with more videos, click here.

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