L.A. Ocean Challenge Ministry

Our efforts and activities are meant to inspire our community to inherit True Parents' love for the ocean.


Unlike most US cities, Los Angeles offers year round opportunities to experience the ocean environment including activities such as sailing, fishing, whale watching and camping at Catalina Island.  Dan Hallal and Jack Ashworth are experienced Captains who have boats in Marina Del Rey and make them available to our church families and friends throughout the year. Our ministry’s goal is to inspire others to catch the passion and love for the sea that our Founder shared with us throughout his life. We welcome you to plan a seagoing event for you and your guests and we will do our best to accommodate you. Looking forward to the next ocean adventure with you.  

Contact Info


For more information or to arrange an outing for your family and/or your guests, please contact Jack Ashworth at 310-963-1730 or Dan Hallal at 310-828-5859.

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