UTS Online Program

Announcing the New UTS Online Program

To: FFWPU members
From: Hugh Spurgin, President, Unification Theological Seminary

UTS is going global with a new online, distance learning program. For the Fall semester, Dr. Tyler Hendricks is teaching Unification Apologetics in Practical Contexts and Dr. Andrew Wilson is teaching Divine Principle in Depth. Since these graduate-courses are being taught by the premier Unification scholars in the world, the content of these two courses is very current and advanced; the courses deal with recent developments in the Unification movement during the last five years.

You can register for a course and see a basic description for each course either on the UTS website at https://uts.edu/online, or by sending an email to online@uts.edu in which you request more information. Attached is a brochure that explains our new UTS-Online program. My own email address is h.spurgin@uts.edu. My mobile phone number is (203) 260-6801.

These courses are for a period of 8 weeks. They start on Monday Oct. 16. They'll be offered on our new, state-of-the-art, CANVAS platform and will include significant interaction. The courses are asynchronous, meaning there is no set class time. During the Spring term, additional courses will be offered.  Please inform your friends and contacts of this valuable new initiative by UTS.

A $1,000 distance learning scholarship is available for each credit-bearing course that is taken as part of the launch of this new initiative, so the tuition is 2/3 less than for a regular course taught at UTS. A student will pay $605 for a 3-credit course, rather than the normal amount of $1,605. That amount of $605 consists of $500 for tuition and $105 in registration fees. If a student takes six credits during a semester, then that student is eligible for Federal financial aid, if you are an American citizen.

The following articles from The UTS Newsletter announces the new online distance learning program.

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UTS Goes Global with Online Courses

More information can be found in the latest UTS newsletter below, in the attached brochure, and also on the UTS website www.uts.edu. Students who are interested in taking online courses should complete the "non-degree application". The application for a master's degree program can be submitted later after the student decides on a program of interest, and the credits that have accumulated by the student will be applied toward whatever master's degree a student later chooses.


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