Global Rally in Korea

Keynote address by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

Watch the entire Global Rally for the Reunification of Korea, including True Mother’s keynote speech. Thousands, including hundreds of religious representatives from all over the world, gathered at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on November 11, 2017, to support the reunification of the Korean peninsula. True Mother headlined this event, delivering the keynote speech with a determined heart for God: “Happiness grows the more we share it. You need to take responsibility for the blessings, which are not yours only, but which you can share with your neighbors, other people, and the world.” To read her full speech or look at more photos from the event.

Timeline of the video (hour:minute:second)

  • 00:00:00  Greetings from guests
  • 00:06:46  Parade by Drum & Bugle Corps
  • 00:18:46  Congratulatory Song by Seiko Lee
  • 00:26:30  Songs of Hope by Joint Choir
  • 00:37:00  Opening Remarks by Rev. Ryu Kyeong Seuk
  • 00:50:10  Pledge of Allegiance
  • 00:51:28 Invocation Ceremony by Representatives of Religious Leaders
  • 01:18:50  Peace Vision (by 2 speakers: Ambassador James Woolsey, Former Director, CIA, and Bishop Don D. Maeres, Evangel Cathedral)
  • 01:36:11  Celebratory Peace Performance by ACLC Joint Choir
  • 01:43:25 Video "Our Hope: May Korea Become the Bright Light of Peace!" (11 min. 27sec)
  • 01:56:30  Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon's Entrance followed by the Keynote Speech (31 min.)
  • 02:28: 00 Prayer Ceremony for Peaceful Reunion
  • 02:34:27  Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon strikes Peace Gong for 3 times
  • 02:37:35  Three Cheers of Eog-Mansei led by Dr. Michael Balcomb
  • 02:39:22  Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon Exits
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