Kidnapped, But in a Dream, “It’s Time to Come Back”

by Solange Weiss

I was only a few months in the church and we lived in a nice center.  Father’s poster for Washington Monument was so huge. I joined and I didn’t communicate with my sister and I didn’t communicate with anyone because I had a job. But they found out somehow, I must have sent a card with the church address, because they came to the center. It was my brother and two of my brothers-in-law who came, and I should have had anticipation, why did they come to see me?, with what was going on with the church.

They said do you want to come with us? So I went with them and they pushed me into the car. They drove straight for four hours and I was crying and was upset that I was in this situation. I was 23 years old and I knew what I was doing. But for them that night, at that time there was a movement against the church. They said they weren’t acting for that movement but they took it upon themselves to come to Paris to pick me up.

They drove to my family and I stayed there maybe for a month. And one morning I had a dream and I heard, “Solange, it’s time for you to come back.” It was Mr. Renshaw, my central figure. I didn’t have much of a relationship with him because being so new in the church. It was really him in my dream. And then I went out the door, but before I did that there was something I had to do. So I wrote a note to my parents and I was going to do something that was not very nice. I was angry and had to go back to Paris. I had to think, how much money will I need to take a train, so I took the envelope and just took that much. I said sorry, I have to, I don’t like to do this.

I told my sister, and she said, “don’t do this, why are you going, don’t leave?” And she was trying (to stop me.) And it was only me leaving, and it was night and I made my way back, and I went out to road and had to hitchhike. A man picked me up and we were two hours away from the station, and he reached back and said, “look at this” and he pulled a wad of money from his pocked and said, “I’ll give you all of this if you do this for me.” And then he is driving and driving, and I am thinking he must be going somewhere and when he stops I will jump out the car and leave, and I did. I was safe, I was safe.

God was really with me, because I had made my decision that I was going back, I felt God was with me. I found a nice person to take me to the train station. And I came back to Paris and my spiritual father was there and everybody was there. And this is what it takes, when you go back to True Parents. I felt God’s love.


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