Pre-HJ Peace Academy Scholarship Fall 2019

Opportunity to Study in Korea

Apply by May 9!


Dear Families,
The application is being accepted for the Pre-HJ Peace Academy Scholarship program in Sun Moon University in Korea for the Fall semester of 2019.
Please read carefully the attached memo and information about the scholarship program, and make sure you understand all the terms and conditions. 

Please note that the HJ World Peace Foundation changed some of its requirements. One major change is a requirement for each applicant to have completed a 7-Day DP workshop.
All applications to the program need to be reviewed by the Regional HQ before being submitted to Sun Moon University. The documents need to be originals and sent by mail. [For L.A. Family Church members: Please be advised to submit all your application forms to Pasadena office by May 9, 2019. It will be reviewed by the pastor and will be FedExed out to the national HQ.]

Click to read the information.

Click here to download application forms.

Thank you.

LA Family Church