Peace Starts With Me - Followup Resources

Followup after Peace Starts With Me

by Education Ministry, FFWPU-USA


April 22, 2019
Dear Leaders, Pastors, and Family Members,

Thank you for your hard work in supporting True Mother’s rally on April 6 in Los Angeles. It was a wonderful success, and as we want to harvest the fruits, as well as look forward to the next rallies in America, the National Witnessing and Education Ministry team prepared and collected some available resources to support you further.

As you know, follow-up depends on the personal relationships we have with our guests, contacts, and relatives. Follow-up happens when we visit people where they are, show up at their activities, and invite them to our homes to share our faith and life naturally. Now, after a successful rally and as we prepare for another, is a good time to focus on building our relationships.

To that end, we would like to offer some tools to support your natural witnessing and strengthening of your relationships with your guests, over dinner, in your small groups, or when you're meeting them one-on-one.

Here is a summary presentation about follow-up resources after a rally:
Follow-Up for Peace Starts With Me…and Beyond!

Here are some resources for next steps after the Blessing Ceremony:
1. Blessing America Website – has a lot of marriage resources and information about the Blessing Movement
2. Small group/ home study for the 40-day condition and 3-day ceremony for the couple: The Blessed Couple Foundation Course
3. Holy Marriage Blessing five videos from True Parents’ Way, by Dr. Hendricks. These are the scripts for the 5 videos:
a. 5 steps script (online PDF)
b. 5 steps script (PPT format)

If your guests are at the stage, where you would like to begin sharing the Divine Principle, here are a few resources:
1. DP Napkin lectures – Training for Tribal Messiahs: learning how to share the Principle of Creation. The link explains a bit about the Napkin Lecture Method and includes additional links to the videos (POC Videos).
2. Table Talk E-Booklet – The Table Talk e-booklet is a 12-session Divine Principle study. Each of the 12 sessions covers one of the main chapters of the Exposition of the Divine Principle, with readings pulled mainly from True Parents' words in the Pyeong Hwa Gyeong and the Cheon Seong Gyeong. Each session also includes space for reflection on the readings and on how to apply the readings in one's life. This is ideal for small groups, families, trinities, and growing tribes. Many thanks to Dr. Tyler Hendricks for doing the research and scripture selection for this project! Please also give us your feedback to the e-booklet.
3. Dr. Michael Hentrich's Study Bible from the perspective of the principle:
4. IPEC DP Workshops
There are even more resources with direct links in the Follow-up PowerPoint I shared above. Once again, thank you brothers and sisters! We hope these tools will support you in your ongoing outreach and education efforts. God bless you!

Rev. Mari Curry Director, Education Ministry

Thank you