Poster Contest

Express Your Love for God's Creation!

No Age Limit.


Date: Sunday, June 17, 2018
Theme: Day Of All True Things (God's Creation)
Prize: 1st: $50. 2nd: $30. 3rd: $20.
Poster Size: 22 by 28 inches
NO NAME on the artwork. Write your name on the back of the poster.
Last-minute Poster Making: At the Craft Table (blank posters will be available)
Judge and Winner Announcement: by 4 judges, announcement will be at 1 pm
Entry: One entry per person or group, multiple persons can participate in one poster (family/friends). 
Age: No age limit. 
Contest Judging Criteria:
1. Theme (how well the theme is presented in the artwork)
2. Beauty in art
3. Creativity
4. Originality
The posters should be turned in no later than 12:30 pm this Sunday, June 17.
There will be some blank posters available at the church.

Thank you.