And the Winner is...

Day of All True Things Service & Celebration

And the Winner is....

Los Angeles Family Church held the Service and Celebration of the 56th Day of All True Things on Sunday, June 17th with bout 250 family members participated. Each family and individual member had an opportunity to offer a bow and donations at the offering table from 9:00 am. The beautiful offering table was prepared on the previous day by 12 volunteers of parents and second generation children led by Mrs. Yang, with pillars of symbolic "all true things" and meal served for True Parents.

At 10:00am, the Service began with Holy Songs and Cheon Il Guk Anthem followed by Kyungbae and reciting the Family Pledge. Mrs. Jung Ju Yang offered a beautiful Congratulatory Song which was medley of "How Great Thou Art" and "Amazing Grace". Rev. Young Tack Yang, District Pastor, gave a message with the title of "The Significance of the Day of All True Things". L.A. Family Church Band led by Matt Ishizuka performed a powerful song by Hyo Jin Moon. Then we had a song by John Holmes with his keyboard, and an upbeat rap music by Shoha Tsuchida. After the three cheers of Eog-Mansei led by Don Makowski who recently had a new granddaughter, everyone was invited to the Celebration Luncheon with delicious Korean food.

Following the celebration meal, we had many activities - Annual Day of All True Things Poster Contest, Men's and Women's Ping-Pong Tournament, "Shave My Dad" game, Bingo game, some with cash prizes, some with gift prizes. Here is the winners and some photos:

Poster Contest:

Artworks with the theme of "Day of All True Things" were displayed during the contest. Each artwork was scored with the three criteria; In line with the theme, Beauty, Creativity, by the four judges. 1st place winner: Yuka Oiwa, 2nd: Veronica Tsuchida, 3rd: Mahnsook Kazakos

Ping-Pong Tournament

Men's 1st: Mitsu Fukuzaki & Takafumi Sasaki

Women's 1st: Ameli Tachiiri

"Shave My Dad" Game

1st: Andy Gonzalez, 2nd: Sakura Shizuka, 3rd: Ashley Rodriguez

Bingo game's Grand Prize Winner: Hayato Shigeta

Thank you.


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