Seonghwa Ceremony held for Mrs. Bo Hee Lee in Korea

祝 天城入國忠誠子

True Parents bestowed her a new title


Mrs. Bo Hee Lee (72-couple Blessing, 1962), mother of Rev. Young Tack Yang, District Pastor of District 12 and  Senior Pastor of Los Angeles Family Church, has passed away on July 26 in Korea at age 77. She is survived by her husband, Rev. Jun Su Yang and their 5 children (4 boys and 1 girl; Rev. Yang is the eldest son), and grandchildren. Rev. Yang traveled to Korea and will return on August 4. We sincerely send our condolences to the Yang family.

After the national-level Seoghwa Ceremony for his mother, Rev. Yang sent us a heartfelt greeting as follows. Korea's national website has the full report of the Seonghwa Ceremony with photos. Click here.


Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the LA Family Church and District 12,

First of all, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for your prayer and condolences. Thanks to your prayer and support, my mother's Seong Hwa ceremony was completed with God and True Parents' protection and holy grace yesterday (was July 29).

When I arrived in Korea, I heard that True Mother allowed for us to have national church level Seong Hwa ceremony for my mother and she bestowed my mother a new title, 天城入國忠誠子 ( a loyal person who can enter the Heavenly Kingdom). And also she allowed her to be buried at Paju Wonjeon (our church cemetery for True Family and Church Elders).

And amazingly, even True Children (Yon Ah nim: Hyo Jin nim's wife and Hoon Sook nim: Heung Jin nim's wife) came to the place for Seonghwa Ceremony twice and they prayed for my mother and expressed their condolences.

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Thank you so much for your support and prayer. My family and I felt oneness with my mother spiritually more than ever through this Seong Hwa Ceremony. I am sure that my mother was so happy because she can fly to see True Father in heaven. When I read the letter from LA Family Church, I felt sincere heart and comfort from you. 

Thank you very much again. Hopefully, I may have a chance to report about it in detail.  See you soon in LA!


Rev. Young Tack Yang

Thank you.

LA Family Church