Report of National Parents' Day 2018

Honoring the Parents of the Year

Held on July 29, 2018 at Pasadena City Hall

Report by Nasser Zomorod

This year again we celebrated National Parents Day at Pasadena City Hall on Saturday, July 28th, 2018. We had 29 nominated couples and with some of the family members in attendance we had about 120 - 150 people participating, including church members. This was bigger than last year with a lot of distinguished couples. For example Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs were close students of Dr. Martin Luther King and participated in the civil rights movement. Another interesting couple was Yuki Mori and Min Jung Park. The wife is Korean, a professional violinist who studied at Little Angels School. She came to Pasadena House and was surprised to see True Parents' pictures there. Then she respectfully shared about her education at Little Angels School and that she personally met Hoon Sook nim. Her Japanese husband is also a professional musician. Meeting like this created such a high spirit, full of joy and pride and respect for UPF and True Parents.

Mr Nat Nehdar, our close ally and activist for National Parents Day brought more than half of the guests (couples). He was tremendously helpful in planning the event and served as Emcee.

Our keynote speaker for the event was the Interim Chief of Police for Pasadena, Mr. Perez. He gave a very deep speech about parenting and the desperate need for co-operation between families and law enforcement.

After the award ceremony we invited everyone to come for lunch to Pasadena House. This time we made a better announcement and almost everyone showed up. It was more exciting and relaxed than City Hall. Everyone was very happy and curious about our headquarters. It was a great opportunity to witness about our movement and talk to people about True Parents whose pictures they could see all over. Unfortunately we did not have so many members there to take care of all the guests.

This year our National Parents Day celebration was longer and more organized than before. So I am hoping to have an even bigger one next year. The cost was about $ 700  about half of which we covered through individual donations. Our brother Keith McCarthy helped a lot with paperwork and organizational preparations and also nominated several couples. His wife, Katrin, Sandra, and Karina (visiting from Uruguay) set up for the lunch and prepared delicious food.  My wife Ulli also helped with all the general preparations as well as registration.

Thanks to God and True Parents for all of their blessings to Southern California.

Nasser Zomorod

Director, UPS Southern California

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