BCSF 2018 Held at UTS

Local Young Athletes Shine at BCSF!

California Soccer Team Won the Second Place

BCSF (Blessed Culture and Sports Festival) 2018 was held at the UTS from August 8 to 12. This year, our local young athletes formed California Soccer Team for the second year. In spite of the rainy weather when players need to run soaking wet on muddy field, they kept strong sportsmanship and shone through the tournament. California Soccer Team won the second place!


Congratulations to all players! Thanks to all parents and supporters!!

Soccer tournament result: 1st place: NJ team, 2nd place: CA team, 3rd place: NY team

To see the blog and photos of BCSF, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/BCSFUSA/

Thank you.


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