True Father Seonghwa Anniversary Donation

6th Anniversary of True Father's Seonghwa

Let Us Offer Gratitude


July 31, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, we have just completed a ground breaking Divine Principle workshop at IPEC in Las Vegas and are now in the midst of a Cheongpyeong USA tour to liberate and Bless our ancestors. In addition, in a few short weeks, we will commemorate the 6th Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa, which will take place on Monday, August 27, in Korea, at the same time with the Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing. In preparation of this special day, we continue with the Blessing condition as well as the National Prayer call every Wednesday to further prepare our hearts.
It is hard to believe that six years have already passed since our True Father went to the Spiritual World. True Mother said after the third anniversary that the period of mourning is over, and from that moment the providence has indeed been soaring worldwide and in America.
We now look forward to the commemoration of True Father’s Ascension as a time to celebrate his life and legacy with True Parents’ sacred mission of Blessing humanity, as we celebrate anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa with the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony.

In an effort to create a beautiful environment for this time, we encourage everyone to continue our precious tradition and make an offering of love and gratitude in memory of our dear True Father. Our suggested donation is $300 per family, and of course, all donations are appreciated and will be gratefully received. To make your offering, you can visit our website in the following link: 6th Seonghwa Anniversary Special Donation, or give at your local church. [Make checks payable to: HSA-UWC, memo "TF Soenghwa Anniv", mail to: 950 Holly Vista Dr., Pasadena, CA 91105] Let us join and offer our devotion together to Heavenly Parent and True Parents at this special time. We want to thank each and every one of you for your tireless efforts and investment of heart in furthering Heavenly Parent’s providence and directly contribute to America’s victory. God Bless you and your families,


Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chairman

Rev. Richard Buessing , President


Thank you

LA Family Church