Upper Room Prayer

Upper Room Prayer"

Sundays @8:30am


Rev. Mark Tengan, Senior Pastor, is announcing the new Sunday morning prayer “Upper Room Prayer” starting on July 28th @8:30am. It is open to everyone. Join us on Sunday morning in the Media Room.

Message from Rev. Tengan:

Hello Brothers and Sisters, spirit of our God is moving and touching many people's life.

True Mother mentioned many time that we don't need to hesitate, we need to let people know about what's happening in the world.

"Happiness grows the more you share it." Also this is the time for us to come as community to pray for each other.

In order to be healthy Tribal Messiahs, we need to grow step by step. So please join us to this prayer gathering, it's for everyone.

Let us do this so that we can make our Sunday service led by God's anointing spirit.

Thank you!

Thank you.

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