CheonBo Registration Blessing 2020

CheonBo Registration Blessing 2020


February 2020 in Korea

August 13, 2019
Dear Pastors, Community Leaders, Brothers and Sisters,

In just a few days, we will commemorate the 7th Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa. As we prepare for this important occasion, we have also been preparing for February 2020, where we will be celebrating True Parents’ life and legacy with a Cosmic Blessing and a World Summit. True Parents would also Tribal Messiah Victors by holding the ‘CheonBo Registration Blessing,’ a like to honor all blessed couples who have fulfilled their mission as Heavenly Blessing registration at the tribal level, to be held during the celebrations of True Father’s Centenary and the 60th Anniversary of True Parents’ ‘Cheonju’ Holy Wedding on February 7, 2020.

True Parents bestowed the name CheonBo (“Heavenly Treasure”) on all blessed couples who fulfill their mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah Victors and blessed 430 generations. Those Blessed couples will:

Be registered in the CheonBo Won Hall of Fame as Heavenly Tribal Messiah Victors;
Receive the CheonBo Award Box containing the CheonBo Certification Card, CheonBo Badge, and CheonBo Medal;
Be invited to participate in the ‘CheonBo Registration Blessing,’ to be held during the celebrations of True Father’s Centenary and the 60th Anniversary of True Parents’ ‘Cheonju’ Holy Wedding along with their 43 registered couples;
Have a CheonBo Seonghwa Ceremony upon passing with special calligraphy, banner, and holy robes.

To qualify as CheonBo couples, blessed couples must have:

Completed ancestor blessings of 430 generations in 8 lineages.
Given the Blessing to 430 couples forming a tribe.
Registered at least 43 couples as members (Completed 5 steps, educated in True Parents’ teachings, attending a family fed service at least twice a year, and donating regularly.)
Offered a Blessing Fee. (Amount will be announced by the International Office at a later time.)
Register on the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy website by:
Initial deadline: October 27, 2019 (by solar calendar)
Final deadline: December 29, 2019 (by solar calendar)

If you want to learn more about the CheonBo registration providence, please see the attached PowerPoint and Brochure from the International Office, and view the linked video:

If you are planning to register, please contact your subregional HTM Coordinator and fill out the following form: Survey of HTM Victors before Monday, August 26.

If you have questions or you would like to learn more about how to register for this Blessing, please contact the TribeNet office at

This is a wonderful opportunity to attend God and True Parents at this culmination of the Providence with our tribes and offer all our victories to Heaven.

God Bless you and your family,

Rev. Demian Dunkley

Miilhan Stephens.jpg
Rev. Millhan Stephens
Director, TribeNet

Click here to to open the letter in pdf.

Click here for PowerPoint Slides about CheonBo Providence

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