"The Beautiful Tradition"

Happy Thanksgiving!


There are several speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in which he mentioned about Thanksgiving. Today we want to share one of his speeches, "God's Hope for America", October 21, 1973 at Washington , D.C. Here is an excerpt from the speech, section "A winter of heartbreak":

"...This continent of America was hidden away for a special purpose and was not discovered until the appropriate hour. The people of God came at the appointed hour. They came to mold the new way of life. Their principal partner was God. At home, in caring for their children, in farming or. cooking or building, they let God share their work. He was the only security they had. A farmer might talk to his son working out in the field with him. "Let's plow this field in the name of God." Their everyday life was lived in the name of God.

After the first spring visited them, they cleared the fields, planted, cultivated, and harvested the crop. And they attributed all their precious harvest to the grace of God. The beautiful tradition of Thanksgiving thus originated. Following the next severe winter, the first thing they built was a church. At night, at dawn, in the morning and at noontime, they prayed to God. I am sure they prayed, "God, we want to build a place for You which must be better than the Old World. We want to build a place where You can dwell and be master..."

To read the full speech, visit: http://www.unification.net/gww/gww-14.html

Thank you.

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