Run Barefoot in the Snow Until Every Candy is Gone

by Jeri Tamayo

Okay I was in Michigan and I was struggling cuz I wasn’t making money I’m a very simple person. My team captain picks me up I pray I report and have almost nothing to count I’m crying cuz I feel bad that I didn’t make any money. My Captain allows some time to pass pulls into a Kmart parking lot, stops the car and turns to me and says, you say you love true parents, you say you will sacrifice your life for True Parents and I have to tell you I don’t believe you. You’re all talk. Oh man I get out of the van and I’m pissed I go in the back of the van get my box out fill it up with $100 worth of candy. And then I stomp away from the van and I tell at him, I’ll show you who doesn’t love True Parents! And I run to the corner of the Kmart building and pull off my shoes and I tell God I will run barefoot in this parking lot til every candy is gone. And I run up to people actually stomping my feet hard into the snowy icy ground and yell at them, what I’m doing and they must buy a box of candy. No smiles on on my face just pure determination. Lol. Oh my gosh, so many people are were taken aback. Shocked, surprised etc…And of course they bought.  In hindsight later I felt kinda bad for being so tuff on them. They were all so kind to donate. I was mad at my captain for quite some time, using me like that.  I sold out, of course. Once Captains learned that I could be challenged, they became quite creative. I had, have such a child-like character….simple….hearted and you know really I trusted.


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